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  • Kristine Cagwin

    Damn it Phil, you had one job… Oh my gosh! I love this! I saw this on a friend's FB wall almost a year ago and it still makes me laugh so hard every time I read it! :)

  • Parvati Govinda

    Damn it Phil, you had one job… that kitchen scene still scares the shit out if me!

  • Jasmine Hollar

    I read this to my boyfriend... he did not laugh as hard as I did

  • Jaclyn Britz

    hahaha dammit Phil, you had one job

  • Molly Sprague-Rice

    Damn it Phil, you had one job… <--- Phil Coulson's job, before he went to S.H.I.E.L.D...

  • Holly S

    Damn it Phil, you had one job… #Jurassic Park

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"You had one job" bahahahaha! Had to repin in honor of Coach Walter!!!!(:

This is the "Head up your own ass" disability. Most members of Congress have it. The More You Know.

The whiskey one actually is not incorrect. That's how you can determine if it came from Canada or America. Canadians spell it whisky. Americans spell it whiskey. Hence Canadian WHISKY on the label...

Me: "So do I push or pull?" Apathetic employee: "Yeah."

you had two jobs, take the candy out of the bag, and separate the m&ms and skittles!

Well look at the bright side, nearly headless nick has a picture of a girl like him..<< I request the highest of fives

Haha! Shaylah Ney Reminds me of "What does "D.I.P" mean?" Hahahahahahahahahaha!

4koma comic strip - Way to Drop the Ball Phil

You had ONE JOB. (I was going to make that my caption... but it was already THERE!)

Close enough to realize someone was not properly trained or high--You can't stop laughing at the 1st one,but then you get it together and look at next-then it's repeat, repeat, repeat...Close enough??Hahahaahhaaa