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This is so true. Pushed past my limits, I do what needs to be done. Then I don't give a damn. 2.6.15

Photo (The Good Vibe)

Uneqivocably loyal people are harder than hen's teeth to come by, but I know for a fact that I know a very miniscule handful. They know who they are, and they know how much I appreciate them x

Exactly. I guess this is why my circle is so small. But like it<<<this is all so true, i love taking conversations to the next level.

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For me, learning to say "no" has been a really hard one. But I continue to work on it. Nothing wrong with saying no sometimes.

Yesss sexxy...but sometimes when they know you do and they feel the same ..they act as if they could care less instead? Dont complicate it ...Let Go and Just Enjoy !!!

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I feel like this right now but u know what it doesn't matter bc god is the only to judge not people they need to get over the hate. Bc I know a lot of people hate me they will bust hell wide open for hating bc the bible says not to hate

I agree and disagree. Because there's negativity everywhere, you can't run away forever. What u can do (or at least try) is let it flow by you and continue its way, not holding on to that. It has to flow TROUGH you.