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senior portrait - bubble overlay @Kendra Henseler Henseler Henseler Randt

beach days were my favorite

What a great idea for a fun summer picture!

Creative picture ideas on the beach. FLoatie frame

#senior picture pose, love this one!!! Like so much! @Jò in Wonderland Fleck Okay, Joy, just check out all the ones I pinned to my "Photography" board, so I won't have to keep tagging you! :)

this is cool because people really do actually sit like's fun and relaxed

3. Leading Lines - This image shows a starting point with a street line continuing along a road reaching a girl and even further out turning and twisting along the path.

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Because best friends dont let each other do them alone. | 37 Impossibly Fun Best Friend Photography Ideas

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#summer #friends

Love!! Me n Dawson hav converses

friends // bubble gum // photography // summer // sunglasses // peace

25 Simple and Cute Photo Ideas We Can't Wait to Try

Wait this is crazy, this is me and my best friend ! Photo taken by Jon Jon Macaya who also happens to be my boyfriend

must remember to do this on vacation this year!!! LOVE it

This is an amazing photo series... Just breath-taking... pinning for possible future photo project...

Light up a sparkler. |