John-Richard Collection Faux Orchid

How to Care for Orchids

Orchid tips: 1. Repot after it loses it's blooms. 2. Use bark or sphagnum moss 3. Avoid overwatering- set ice cubes on surface to let them slowly melt instead of traditional watering. A humid room also helps (like a bathroom) 4. Fertilize twice a month, usually with less than recommended on the package. 5. Filtered light, not direct sunlight.

Basket of orchids


Phalaenopsis Orchid - Modern

How to care for orchids. I need to take notes on this. I kill orchids so easily!

African violets

Maxillaria orchid botanical print



Orchid Cactus

orchids lovely orchids

beautiful fresh flowers...

Key steps to orchid care and getting them to rebloom...have a new orchid and need to figure out how to make it stay alive! LOL

Gerber Daisy



Mini Orchid - Ceramic Planter