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Bouguereau, Dante et Virgile aux Enfers, 1850. "Ils se frappaient, non pas seulement avec la main, mais avec la tête, avec la poitrine et les pieds, et en lambeaux se déchiraient avec les dents."

The seer at Delphi. Intersting tidbit - I studied under the guy who actually found the cave and proved that the seer was getting a snootful of natural gasses, making her high as a kite when she 'prognosticated.' True thing!

The Morrigan is an ancient Celtic goddess of battle, strife, war and perhaps ironically, fertility. She is often depicted in the form of a crow or raven. Similar to the Valkyries in Norse mythology, the Morrigan used her magic to hinder or help warriors, as she saw fit. It is not wise to cross the Morrigan, as the Irish hero, Cúchulainn, learned when he unwisely failed to recognize her in her various forms. Hell hath no fury like a goddess scorned....

The Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins details 1838-42 Friedrich Wilhelm Schadow

"One of Ireland's favourite paintings and also recently voted as the nations favourite as well -Frederic William Burton's 'The Meeting on the Turret Stairs'."