Cool hairdo - If you french braid the sides, but only pick up from the bottom (closest to your neckline) thats how you create the famous Lace Braid!

back french braid bun

Braided ponytail with two-toned hair

Mermaid Tail Side Braid Hairstyle Hair Tutorial

Small French Braid on the side, braid all the way down, secure with a clear elastic. Then tease the crown and put into ponytail. Wrap the remaining braid around hair tie.

braid + bun

Hair and Make-up by Steph: Bridal Worshop

Cool reverse braid.

Perfect french braid bangs



Braided bun. I wish I had pretty hair


Side braid / Bun

Pretty #Wedding #Hair

Pretty Braid to the side

Sock bun + mini braids.

Braided hair style

So cool. Its like a waterfall braid and a french braid mixed together and you pick up the strands from the waterfall braid after to continue the french braid!!!

side braid twist.