How to take a picture like this of your Christmas tree.

Tutorial for taking photos of your tree

Christmas Photos

Tips for Christmas Photography

Christmas Card with Family Picture

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How to take glowing Christmas tree lights photo

Christmas card?

Manual camera settings for taking a great Christmas tree photo. I really need help in this area!

Love this for Christmas pictures!

How to take better pics in front of your Christmas tree.-- Use the Av mode (set it to the smallest number) and turn off your flash photo-stuff

Christmas picture idea

Family Photography, Christmas

Posing Family Pictures for Christmas Cards

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100 Photos to Inspire Your Holiday Cards - tried to wrap my husband and myself with a strand of larger light bulbs for our xmas card. We made it work but it wasn't easy. Will try mini lights next time. Does make for a cute pic, though.

Photographing Kids in Front of a Christmas Tree from Faithful Steps Photography. Dark room (all the lights off in the house except for Christmas tree lights), f-stop 1.4, ISO 160, SS 1/15. Make sure kids stand still.

How to Shoot Kids + Christmas Tree Bokeh Lights. Stand 3 - 6 feet away, open aperture wide (f1/4 - f/2.8), and set exposure (higher ISO and higher Shutter Speed) #photography

Love this idea for Christmas pictures