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  • Anna R

    35 Epicly Funny Pinterest Food Fails You Have to See ...

  • Kari Carpenter So funny to look at all of the pinterest flops! This one made me laugh so hard!

  • Miranda Carson

    29. DIY Pretzels | 31 Horrendous Pinterest Fail Monstrosities so wrong and yet so funny!!

  • Beth Owens

    29. DIY Pretzels | 31 Horrendous Pinterest Fail Monstrosities ~Can't stop laughing!!! X-D

  • Veronica

    31 Pinterest FAILS... no.29 is DIY Pretzels, er pruhjayjays?? Lol!

  • Julie VanSciver

    Pruh jay jays?!

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I don't normally post anything with bad language but I've seen this twice and it has made me lol both times. Too stinkin' funny!

the truth behind all those cutesy parenting pictures.

Fail aside, I still really wanna try this! I feel pretty confident I could do it... After a couple tries maybe lol

Pinterest fails. The first one cracked me up! jajajajajajaja demasiado pacho estos pinterest fails!!! hasta me sacaron las lagrimas...

Pinterest Fail...this is me...all...the...time. But wouldn't you love to bury your face in this?

This is the "Head up your own ass" disability. Most members of Congress have it. The More You Know.

pinterest fails. This is hilarious and I could add my own to it (those ice cream cupcakes that gave me frost bite, looked horrid and tasted worse for starters!)

If you've ever unsuccessfully attempted to recreate a Pinterest project (this means YOU!) you will LOVE these Pinterest *FAILS* Hysterical!!

Yep, I've tried a few pinterest ideas and nailed them too! ;) Is it bad that I feel better about my pinterest-inspired efforts after seeing these!