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    Temperament and Personality of Great Dane.Click the picture to read

    • Wendy Jones

      Your Dog Actually Loves You.This is so cute and makes me feel guilty not letting some x-boyfriends sleep with us, but I was allergic and there usually not enough room for 2 big dogs and w adults-one with a severe back issue I am now wanting my first puppy and me thinks it will sleep with this lonely old lady! LOL!

    • Eric Brady

      GIFT IDEAS – the larger breed dogs are favorite gifts for single men that are looking for pet companionship. The problem occurs on date night.

    • Sarah

      Even BIG DOGS can have epilepsy or dog seizures CLICK TO LEARN INFO that will make your puppies life better!

    • Home

      #Great #Dane sweet sleeping. Lol. Cute picture not your girlfriend dude.

    • My Naked Soul

      LOL ... ths man needs a woman, maybe? (But, I do <3 Great Danes...) ~js

    • Marcy Wells

      Great Dane Love. Real True Puppy Love. . . Love-Love-Love This!!

    • Best Molosser Dog Breeds

      Dream boy #Great #Dane / #greatdane #breed #canine #dog #pet

    • Donna McCarthy

      how sweet, love men who love animals

    • Andrea June

      Great Dane ~ Man's Best Friend

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    i totally melted reading this. best friends.

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    protecting his baby!!! dogs and cats do not harm children, they immediately sense this is their 'child' to protect!! There might also be more compassion thru out world if kids were introduced to house pets very early in life and learned how to love and care for them.

    Scooby doo real life. I would flip if I ever saw this dog in person!!!!

    This is why I'm a dog person.

    great dane, obviously.

    Great dane and fawn. OMG my heart melted. I cant wait to have a great dane like actually though


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