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    • Justin Williams

      Gorgeous animals

    • Yon Hoskie

      Endangered species - One cheetah sitting. - 2008 - Photographer Gary M. Stolz - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

    Endangered Species, Cheetahs Sit, Basic Facts, Photographers Gary, Chetah, Wildlife Service, Fascinators Facts, Cheetahs Cheetahs, Animal

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    Cheetah - Their deep chests and enlarged hearts, lungs and nostrils help cheetahs take in more oxygen during intense chases. Their high-set eyes have a 210-degree field of view. Non-retractable claws help them gain traction when running on soft ground, and their tails help them balance as they make sharp, high-speed turns while chasing their prey.

    Cheetah Cub. They chirp like a bird, instead of a roar, like you would expect.

    Cheetah's are the fastest land animals and can go from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds. Only 7,000 -10,000 cheetahs in eastern and SW Africa - they are losing habitat to humans.

    I am so in love with cheetah print I don't think I would mind even owning one haha

    Surprisingly,  male and female cheetahs have completely different lifestyles. The female can spend up to 20 months looking after each litter of cubs, but she will mainly lead an otherwise solitary lifestyle. She is not aggressive to other cheetahs, preferring to retreat rather than attack. Neither is she territorial although her range may overlap with other females.

    A cheetah....had the opportunity to pet one, many moons ago at what used to be the Bridgetown Save Easy. We bought a deck of cards that had the owner and cheetah's picture on them.....I'll always remember this

    incredible composition and not to mention, a very lucky shot

    Three cheetah cubs, born in November 2004, lean against their mother during a preview showing at the National Zoo in February 2005 in Washington D.C. Today there are just 12,400 cheetahs remaining in the wild, with the biggest population, totaling 2,500 living in Namibia.