Figurehead of the Diana, Cutty Sark Collection- Believed to be from a ship built at Pitcher's Dockyard, Northfleet, Kent in 1799. She went to the Arctic to search for Sir John Franklin's North West Passage expedition. She was lost in 1848. The figurehead was found in a garden at Bean, Kent.


ship figurehead

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Pirate Ship Figureheads

Pirate ship slides silently through night waters. Very nice oil painting. #pirates

Ship figurehead

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Ship figurehead

Ship figurehead

-Ship Figureheads Photo / Picture / Greenwich East London ...

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A Unicorn is not simply a horse with a single horn.  The mythical Unicorn had the legs and beard of a goat, and the figurehead therefore has cloven hooves.  Had his hindquarters been carved, he would have had a lion’s tail!

Pirates: #Pirates' crow's nest.

Pirate Ship Figureheads - ~Repinned Via Sadie MacMillan

The figurehead 'Jenny Lind' from The USS Nightingale (1851), originally a tea clipper & slave ship. Christened in honour of Jenny Lind, 'The Swedish Nightingale', a famous soprano, the figurehead ended up in the hands of a Swedish antique dealer in 1994. He spent 13 years researching its history. The Nightingale had undergone repairs in Norway in 1885, during which time the figurehead had been removed. The ship foundered in the North Atlantic in 1893.

*Bow figurehead

*Bow figurehead

maritime museum figureheads | Ship of 74 guns, figurehead - Unknown - Royal Museums Greenwich Prints

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