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Others Purple road trees on side.

Hypnotic by Mikko Lagerstedt, via 500px

Infinity Landscape Photography A fantastic photographic series by Mikko Lagerstedt of foggy Finnish landscapes at night and day. More images of the series by Mikko Lagerstedt on WE AND THE.


Pink path in Bispebjerg Cemetary, North-West district of Copenhagen, Denmark ✯ ωнιмѕу ѕαη∂у

Keragbolt – is extremely popular with tourists huge boulder stuck between two vertical rock walls. The gulf under the stone reaches a depth of about a kilometer.

Δάσος Μπαμπού Sagano, Ιαπωνία. Bρίσκεται στην περιοχή Arashiyama, στα δυτικά προάστια του Κιότο. Και θεωρείται απίστευτο εξαιτίας του ήχου που κάνει ο άνεμος που φυσά ανάμεσα από τα λεπτά μπαμπού, ο οποίος έχει ψηφιστεί ως ένας από τους εκατό ήχους που πρέπει να διατηρηθούν στην χώρα.

The Bamboo Forest at Arashiyama Park, located in Kyoto, Japan.

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Tree on mountain top of very steep Huangshan Mountains (Yellow Mountains) in…

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/claudia__almeida/8094145760/in/faves-cristiancastles/

Turquoise Pool, Brazil photo via wolfen



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Path, Cherry Blossoms, Kyoto, Japan Bucket list: to walk down a sidewalk surrounded with cherry blossom trees

I think I love South Carolina.

Spanish Moss Sunrise, Savannah, Georgia One of the most beautiful historic towns in the south! I love Savannah!

"Aka Fuji" , Mt Fuji appears red because of sunset

"Aka Fuji" , Mt Fuji appears red because of sunset

Hida Hakusan National Park, Japan | 41 Spectacular Places Around the World

Hida Hakusan National Park, Japan- looks like a peaceful place for mediation

Breuil-Cervinia, Valle d'Aosta, Italy

Blue Lake, Valle d’Aosta, Italy

photographs by chloe elizabeth from manitoba

wnderlst:  Austria

Austria - Where Time and Space come close to snow bound mountains to touch the sky. Let this beautiful winter wonderland take your breath away.