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thenippleslip: “ The 15 best and 15 worst beers for your health. Who knew Guinness was low-calorie? Check it Out « ” ummmmmm my favorite

starpillow: “Love the one on the bottom with the “What?” face!! lol Vader is after my beer. I want a warm Guinness on the dirtiest AND cleanest counter in all of Dublin. …kinda wishing I took up a friend’s invite to live there for my remaining years,...

Photos of the day - September 7, 2014

German Oliver Struempfl competes to set a new world record in carrying one liter beer mugs over a distance of 40 m (131 ft 3 in) in Abensberg September 7, 2014. Struempfl carried 27 mugs over 40 meters to set a new record for the Guinness book of records. (REUTERS/Michael Dalder)