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Victorian HairstylesA collection of Victorian photographs ranging from 1855 - 1880’s. Edwardian Hairstyles Here [x] | 1920’s Hairstyles Here [x] | 1930’s Hairstyles Here [x] | WW2 Hairstyles Here [x]

thevintagethimble: “ Edwardian Hairstyles A collection of Edwardian photographs, depicting some of the hairstyles of the time, like the Low Pompadour. Hatpin Hairstyle. Side-Swirls. Flapper (The title...

1900-1906 - The Pompadour was a hangover from the Victorian era. This hairstyle was popular from the 1890s and is seen in the "Gibson girl" illustrations of the time. The style spilled over into the first years of the 20th century when large elaborately trimmed "Picture" hats continued to be worn. Women adopted the simpler Low Pompadour hairstyle for daily wear....

Women in the 1880's really loved doing their hair. They would often add hair pieces to make the style look bigger.

Regency Historyfrom Regency History

Headdresses and hairstyles for Regency evenings

Regency History: Headdresses and hairstyles for Regency evenings

ANCIENT GREEK WOMENS FASHION: Women's hairstyles and accesories throughout ancient Greek history


1920s Hairstyles History- Long Hair to Bobbed Hair

Haha 'if you must rebel and look like a man, do it right' Flapper 1920s hairstyles / bobs

"(1066-1154): Couvre-chef: The style was longer (sometimes to point of having to be knotted off the ground) and tended to hang down on either side of the face, worn with a circlet to hold it in place. Hair uncovered: by 1125 women began to appear in public with their hair uncovered, usually worn parted down the middle and plaited in various ways. Extreme Length: The illusion of long hair was aided with fake hair, ribbons, silk tubes with tassels, and attached metal cylinders."

Contemporary version of the classic "Gibson Girl" updo which was originally popular from the late Victorian Era through the Edwardian Era.