That awkward moment...

I don't watch Harry Potter, but this is funny

Its so funny that people want to think that boy was Crabbe. It was obviously Blaise. Even though Blaise was not it the library fight scene in the book,he was put into the movie fight because the boy who played Crabbe was in trouble with the law at the time,I believe. Either that or he was going through some sort of personal issues that did not allow him to complete the series.

Poor Crabbe. Well Tom did say they were all waiting for one of them to off the rails ... This guy was just arrested.

So true.


I can't say this hasn't happened to me

hahahah so true!

Funny Harry Potter Pictures


Read the comment, not just the sign. Awesome Harry Potter/Pro Life burn. Also, get your grammar shit together! If Lily Potter WOULD HAVE HAD an abortion who WOULD HAVE STOPPED Voldemort? Jesus Christ.

Neville Longbottom | Harry Potter #humor



"And I'm... I'm fine." lol

now these are the pictures that inspire me and give me hope to be hot some day, not those fitness women with abs

True story, bro.