Cover my bedroom wall with pictures. This would be so cute if you started with a clean wall and added pictures of your summer. Or thing you check off your bucket list

decorate my room with lyrics and quotes. I had this in my room when I was growing up. Now that I rent an apartment, I can't necessarily write on my walls. I did at my last apt., but not even Primer covered that up when I moved out :( I can't wait to do this when I have MY OWN HOUSE!!! -RP

This would actually be fun :P

I would love to put my 1st pair of pointe shoes in a box with a few other things and open it as an adult

Bucket List. Before I Die.

things to do before die | Things to do before I die." | must do's!!!(:

before i die



My Bucket List: Give people a reason to remember my name… Life is too short to be living for little ol' me. † Via PerfectBucketList on Tumblr. ☐ #someday #bucket #list #bucketlist #mission

before i die

before i die.

Before I die, I want to...

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Camp On The Beach. # Bucket List # Before I Die

perfect bucket list

ya...the only thing i can do is the splits' heel stetch, and scorpian...and thy all look sloppy and crappy

Before I die, bucket list


before I die..

My Bucket List - Before I Die I Want To...