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Puppy dog eyes

Yellow Lab puppy

One day I'll need to prepare your dog for a baby. This is too cute

Community Post: 28 Pictures Of Golden Retriever Puppies That Will Brighten Your Day...this is a yellow lab

Top 5 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

puppy love

"Remember.... Don't Shop..,. Adopt...."

Cute puppy

Top 10 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds. I want this puppy!!! (And his name shall be Toby)

I miss my puppy so I'm pathetically staring at pictures of other dogs. I call him my "puppy" even though he's a 7-year old, hundred pound chocolate lab.

When you have to brush your teeth but you're already in bed. | 20 Dogs Who Understand The Struggle Of Being A Lazy Person


Time tummies! #dogs #pets #LabradorRetrievers


Awwww... Hes sooooo cute!!: Doggie, Cute Puppies, So Cute, Dinner Time, Food Network/Trisha, Cute Animals, I M Hungry, Adorable Animal

A new scientific study says looking at cute puppy photos improves concentration and productivity. Yea I bet some dogs were behind this study!!!!

WHAT?! Dachshund/Golden Retriever Mix Just so cute.

Top 5 Most adorable puppies ~ The Pet's Planet

Take pictures with your dog! Someday when they are up in dog heaven, you will be happy you have amazing pictures.