gonna switch the crunches to actual sit ups though : )

wake up workout

Easy and quick morning workout. I could do this in the morning each morning.

Morning Workout Routine - The 45th Avenue

Burn one pound... instantly.* INSTANTLY?!

Bootcamp workout

This is what we did when I was in gymnastics, except we did many more than this. This routine definitely works!

starting this

For when you don't even have 10 minutes to spare:

This turned out to be a better and harder workout for me than Jilian Michaels' 30-Day Shred DVD! Doing this once a day from now on

doesnt absolutely have to be in the morning. good workout for anytime of the day with downtime or an at home no-weights needed workout | Morning waist training workout

Probably more than 2x/week, but a super-simple and fast workout to do while watching TV (or waiting for cookies to bake....?)


At home work outs for the morning, I do each one through at least twice.

exercise. exercise. exercise.

TWO A DAY WORKOUT PLAN - you can fit in two workouts a day! (it might even save you some time).

At home workout.

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