gonna switch the crunches to actual sit ups though : )

Easy and quick morning workout. I could do this in the morning each morning.

Burn one pound... instantly.* INSTANTLY?!

starting this

This is what we did when I was in gymnastics, except we did many more than this. This routine definitely works!

This turned out to be a better and harder workout for me than Jilian Michaels' 30-Day Shred DVD! Doing this once a day from now on

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Crossfit quick home workout


Work out at home!

workout focused on cardio and core

Morning workout... Will I actually try this one? Maybe!

Workout option on the go

Even if you can't do this right when you wake up. To have this as part of your daily routine will increase your metabolism, tone your arms and abs while strengthening your heart. Keep moving :)

I have only done this 3 daysso far and my triceps are sore and my calf muscles as well--it's only about 13 minutes of workout but somehow it manages to make my muscles work quite hard--try it out you may be surprised, any exercise is better than no exercise!!

Leg Workout

Go Capri, ANTIGUA from Albion Fit. These are super cute and great for your daily workout!