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You always tell you eyes to shut up...but I don't ever want them to...I look into those eyes...and I see all the things I've ever wanted but thought I could never have. Let me tell you something, love...not very many people have eyes like that.

I don't know if she was trying to help or trying to tell me? If the second...good, if I were sure I'd be very emotional lol. Or not anything.

The storm will ruin its beauty. Yet, perhaps not. Without the storm, and the gales that accompany it, and the rains that pound the soil, how could the seeds be spread and planted? How could new dandelions sprout up as they do when the sun comes again?

And you carry mine! Please know how very much you're loved, adored, & missed! I despise it when people feel sorry for me for loving a cat so much. I feel so lucky & blessed to have been rescued & loved by such an amazing, pure soul! Thank you my treasure!