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Max is growing up, but he is a toy breed so he will remain small. This breed is mixed with Pug, King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and Affenpincher. Max will always be a bit stocky, but never taller than he is in this photo.

Developed in Belgium, the Brussels was developed from primarily the Affenpinscher and the Belgian street dog - a dog similar to the Fox Terrier, except heavier. Brussels Griffons were often kept in stables as rat catchers. Gradually they became regular members of most Belgian households. Old folk songs and tales of the period mention "bearded dogs" in reference to the spunky Brussels Griffon.


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Brussels Griffon: Small Body, Big Mischief Charming but naughty is an accurate description of the Brussels Griffon. His ancestors include Terriers, Pugs and English Toy Spaniels, which gives him a lot of spice tempered with a little bit of nice.