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"Hiding from his bath - FAIL." ~No need to bathe your doggie at home, let the experts at Camp Woof do it for you! Self Washes also available at Camp Woof Norcross & Toco Hills... you do the bath, use all of our supplies and we clean up!

An evening spent sitting lochside looking to catch the glow of a golden sunset nearly ended in complete disappointment when the clouds failed to open and give me the shot I waited so patiently for. however, I did not pack up the second the sun crossed the horizon but waited a few more minutes and was rewarded with a view of the valley opposite being bathed in the last rays of sunshine. I probably like this image because of the memory of the day and not because its anything special to look at…

Affordable awesome gift from dollar tree I made this for my mom for her birthday..I really wanted to thank her for watching my son while I'm at work..I made this from my fiancé son and 5 year old sister and her bf 3 boys. I included Animal crackers for when the house feels like a zoo.. Tissues to wipe away any tears.. Bandaids for the times things get a little rough.. Aleve for when all else fails.. A smiley face so she can always picture our smiling faces and remember how happy…

After several epic fails, we finally found a way to make Om Nom take a bath! Repin this picture to help Om Nom defend his ship from the pirates who want to steal his candy.

Daily Humor and Fails - Here's What Happens When You Ask People To Draw A Map Of The USA From Memory (Some of us shouldn't have been allowed to graduate from middle school.) More at

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love hurts: first aid kit to survive any heartbreak. including: a mix cd, dark chocolate, vodka, bubble bath, a candle + matchsticks, heart-shaped candies, and, in case everything else fails to bring comfort, a pack of tissues. and lots of irony. | by melanie chernock

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19 Halloween Pinterest Fails

19 Halloween Pinterest Fails. These are hilarious! I love all the babies sitting in the pumpkins.


Man Foolishly Tries to Bathe 200 lb. Dog in Lake. What Happens Is Hilarious

Man Foolishly Tries to Bathe 200 lb. Dog in Lake. What Happens Is Hilarious!