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crayon batik for a long time.  I love using a pumpkin for this project because the orange and black look so good together, and they are so easy to draw any age group can do it,  plus I just plain love pumpkins! You'll need: Crayons copy paper waterproof ink/black watercolor paint brushes newspaper pencils Start by having the students draw a pumpkin that takes up most of their copy paper.    Show them how to draw the curved lines across the pumpkin to give it a more 3-D look. The next step…

Students began by exploring the expressive qualities of line and mark-making, using brush and ink to copy drawings by van Gogh. They learned how to control hatching, stippling, scribbling and...

"Geometric Clay Model". Rapidograph ink drawing. Part of an ongoing experiment to develop a simple set of "Cast Drawing" model exercises for beginners to easily build and learn how to draw at home. More advanced art schools and art academies require their entering students to draw from the cast or copy lithographic plates. Some drawing assignments in the best schools, are tedious, extremely time consuming, and ironically, the fastest way to master drawing. Click through to keep reading!

Pen Drawing: An Illustrated Treatise was originally published in 1903 by Charles D. McGinnis and is a wonderful resource for pen and ink artists. This is a reproduction from an original copy of the book which I found to be very clear and easy to read. Fun book with many great lessons.

Author: (Historic Resources Branch) (province of Manitoba) Publisher: Winnipeg: Province of Manitoba, 1990, ISBN: 0771108648 stapled wraps, illustrated with maps and line drawings, 16pp including references. A few small scattered marks in red ink else fine. 50 grams. Two copies available.

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Line Drawing: A Guide for Art Students

analysis of a vincent van gogh line drawing - GCSE sketchbook page by Samantha Li