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“Just doing a spot-check to see what you’re doing… Yup, sitting at your computer again!” The expression on this ostrich’s face is excellent.

'Here's Looking At You' (Australian Emu) Published by Art Publishing (Australia). Distributed By Green Pebble. www.greenpebble.co.uk

Here's Looking At You (AUS LC 14)

As our publishing companies share the same strong ethos of helping practicing artists promote their work, Green Pebble and Art Publishing (Australia) have teame

Spider Monkey

Monkeys are considered intelligent animals. Here is a superb collection of funny monkey pictures.

I think a pygmy hedgehog would make a great little pet after seeing them at the London Pet Show!

The new pygmy hedgehogs you can keep like a pet hamster

We often associate cuteness with the childhood. The same is true for the human beings, as well as, animals. The childhood cuteness not only means cute face

If your over 40, youll see dis kitty as ...

It was just a cat with glasses until I read the text. Now it's John Lennon, Harry Potter and a cat with glasses.

Nice to meet you too... An emu gets a bit too friendly with the camera.

Cute Animal Pictures: 150 Of The Cutest Animals!

Trying Vegemite / Marmite for the first time.

Otters don’t like watermelon! This face made me burst out laughing! OTTERS ARE SO AWESOME even if they don't like watermelon, I forgive them.

via Mashable: How To Be More Effective At Work and Avoid The Ostrich Problem.   “The Ostrich Problem” was a term coined by English psychologists to describe the tendency to avoid danger. It is the propensity to “bury our heads in the sand” in times of trouble and uncertainty. Click to read more. #career #help #business #procrastination

via Mashable: How To Be More Effective At Work and Avoid The Ostrich Problem

Photographer Marina Cano.

Marina is a brilliant wildlife photographer. She takes wild animals photos at national parks and on wildlife safaris.

Ostrich – the biggest bird in the world

Ostrich – the biggest bird in the world. People sometimes say that ostriches bury their heads in the sand when they sense danger.

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