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Study Finds That Negative Fathering Plus Barroom Drinking are a Dangerous Mix Which Leads to Aggression

Square Enix back to school sale is counterproductive to studying - Like the inevitable return of Final Fantasy 10's Sin, the first day of school is descending upon students, threatening all known joy and their tireless quest to save the world

8 Ways Tech Has Completely Rewired Our Brains

#7. ...But poorer impulse control!...... can inhibit players' ability to rein in impulsive or aggressive behavior. Researchers concluded that forcing players to make snap decisions in violent situations inhibited "proactive executive control" over knee-jerk reactions and impulses, meaning they were more likely to react with immediate, unchecked hostility or aggression in real life...

Our Happening of the Week pick: The skyscraper-sized iteration of classic video game Tetris by Drexel U professor Dr. Frank Lee. The event took place on April 5, 2014, 30 years after Tetris was first coded.

5 Secret Ways Sleep Affects Your Marriage

FACT: Losing sleep can also affect a sense of gratitude toward partners.

Being a Better Online Reader

Soon after Maryanne Wolf published “Proust and the Squid,” a history of the science and the development of the reading brain from antiquity to the …

Making no mistake means, learning no lessons... So, make mistakes, have the guts to face the impact & take lessons... #motivation #inspiration #positive #quotes

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You've achieved SUCCESS in your field when you don't know whether what you're doing is WORK or PLAY