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School Lunch Day 51: Leftover Homemade Pizza

Just an easy Monday Lunch here - this is leftover partially homemade pizza. I say partially homemade because I cheated and used a pre-made dough from Whole Foods. It was a really nice dough, if you're ever looking to take a shortcut. I often make my own, but this time of year I just don't have the energy. My dough recipe that I use for everything is here, if you're looking for a good basic dough. Schedule

School Lunch Day 33: Pizza on a stick

School Lunch Day 37: Toasted Cheese Sandwiches

This was a Friday lunch. One of those Fridays when I was feeling done for the week and I hadn't mustered the energy to pack it a head of time. Toasted cheese sandwiches are such an easy fallback for those days. Literally, place sliced cheese on bread, and place in toaster oven until melted, and smush together. I can even do this at 6am when I am only half awake.

A Full Year - and more! - of Lunch Packing Ideas!!!

An easy twist on the classic sandwich: pack them a school lunch box with all the pieces of the sandwich, and let them assemble it themselves!

School Lunch Day 81: Tamago (Japanese Egg Omelette)

A little something new and different, but still a quick and easy school lunch to pack! When we go for sushi one of my kids favorite things to order is the Tamago. It's basically…

School Lunch day 11: Deconstructed Nachos

School lunches today are what I call deconstructed nachos. Basically, everything you would put on nachos, just not all piled and melted together. This is a super easy lunch to make, and it is usually pretty popular. If you make sure that the chips you are using are gluten free, then this is an easy gluten free lunch to make. (and substitute gluten free cookies too)

School Lunch Day 96: Raisin bread sandwiches and fruit.

A real mom making real food. All about packing easy real food school lunches and healthy family meals - all from a mom with two sets of twins.