vases, rubber bands, and spray paint.

Use $3 glasses, rubber bands, and spray paint

Pre-punched paper at Michaels - wrap it around a glass cylinder and tape with double-sided tape for a lovely effect for a candle. maybe in white?

Hot glue and spray paint for your very own personalized and perfect jar.

These Wine Bottles Got Wrapped in Twine and are Awesome Vases Now.

Tall "Vase" from oatmeal containers ... AHHH YES! save some $ 40 with this one

Pebble Door Mat All you Need is a hot glue gun and a couple of dots of super glue, rubber mat in desired shape, and pebbles to cover mat! Uniformed pebbles can be purchased at Walmart.

fun flower pot idea

String pearls on twine and wind around vases or candle holders.

D.I.Y. Frosted Wine Glasses: dollar store wine glasses, assorted rubber bands, & frosted glass spray paint

penny vase #diy #home_decor

cheap glasses, rubberbands, and frost spray paint... or vases

Spray paint over stickers on mason jars to create luminaries. Great idea for outside lighting

Glue wooden letters to canvas then spray paint white or any color. fun-crafty-ideas

Great way to recycle those cheap vases from the florist.

Rubber bands & glass frost spray paint

frosted glass spray paint

Wine bottle + rubber band + spray paint (for my oil bottles)

Cork Coasters Using Small Picture Frames.