succulent wreath

How to form sphagnum moss to create your own DIY succulent wreath. Click through to see the full tutorial!

I love this beautiful Living Art! It's framed succulents and there area step by step detailed instruction here. My next DIY!

Holiday Door DIY

How to make a living wreath.

Succulent wreath

Lemon Wreath

Succulent Terrariums...a little greenery, but almost no maintenance!

Succulent Corks - I love this idea!

DIY Succulent Wreath

Succulent ball...want.

Are you always killing your indoor plants? As it turns out, succulents are not as low-maintenance as they might seem, but you CAN keep them alive! #succulents #tips #gardening

Spectacular succulents.

Succulent trucks

How to take clippings to from succulents to propagate more plants!

Spring/Summer Wreath. I can't get over how awesome this is -- and easy to make! Looks like it's on the list!

Monogrammed Succulent Planter by Rooted In Succulents. Pick any letter and color you'd like, fill it with succulents, and you have one of the most original Valentine's gifts ever. I'd die for a pink C.

Colourful cacti