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Seyyar Sesler 3 Fanzine by Mesut Uğurlu, via Behance. This is a really nice double page spread, i like the idea of having an image or text in the centre of the page with a big margin going around

Oh Dear God – Fanzine by Mikael Fløysand, via Behance

Seyyar Sesler 3 Fanzine by Mesut Uğurlu, via Behance // Use for about page actual text as not much to say; bold and fits with simplicity of anon's premise

This layout is good because it formats the articles in an appealing way. The page is not mundane or boring. as it is crafted with images. The columns should be even, but the images still make this layout much more interesting than others. Also, the format of the articles on the page in a different way cause the page to seem more intriguing.

FOX LIFE by Visualbox , via Behance

david carson

Magazine Feature | & Magazine by Kate Carmack, via Behance

An image showing the reproduction of one zine.

Seyyar Sesler 4 Fanzine by Mesut Uğurlu, via Behance

Books and Fanzines by Pablo Alfieri, via Behance

Details | Look at the colour scheme and double page spreads. How the images are framed by text or a boarder.


Hand Lettering

Love this magazine layout, with positive & negative space. The angles of the shapes really add a nice touch to the design. I like it because its so simple yet so effective. It looks effortless but really well constructed.

This Double Page Spread uses a pattern layout covering the entire page with different images clipping masked into each triangle. This design is useful for showing a range of different images really elegantly and organised.

Ahonen & Lamberg - BURFITT FANZINE Fanzine for fashion brand Burfitt, France.

Printed Dossier by Karakter , via Behance

Double page spread about an artistically choreographed dance company. I think the overlapping of the title and text is very effective and yet is still not clumped together and does not feel claustrophobic.