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Seyyar Sesler 3 Fanzine by Mesut Uğurlu, via Behance. This is a really nice double page spread, i like the idea of having an image or text in the centre of the page with a big margin going around

I really like the type on this double page spread this really attracts attention. The hand rendered type is not just portrait but landscape on the left side too. Also what makes this look more creative is the blank space left. I don't need to fill ever part of my fanzine as less is more sometimes.

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Love this magazine layout, with positive & negative space. The angles of the shapes really add a nice touch to the design. I like it because its so simple yet so effective. It looks effortless but really well constructed.

This is a really nice layout. Type wise, I love the treatment. Image wise, I love the shapes and opacity. I would like to do something like this- with the rectangles and squares in such. Looks really nice.

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I really like the use of white space in this design, it produces a very subtle, clean yet attractive outcome due to the small number of contrasting colours used. The mixed use of weights makes the type really stand out and draw attention across the pages. Editorial Design by Dustin Koop

Although the spread features to very different pages, there is still a strong sense of unity. This achieved through the treatment of color. I also admire the harmony created through this treatment of text.

The double page spread could be suitable to my magazine because the font is in different colours as it could be suited to the double page spread.

papier/construction/couleurs <3