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eartheld: “dis me awkwardly running out of a tulip field I wasn’t supposed to b standing in……my face wasn’t candid ready but my Look™ always is….tmrw is my first day of classes and I’m so nervous I’ve...

I stumbled upon Eldorado Experience the other day trying to cure my wanderlust. It didn't went very well. But since my younger brother is doing a roadtrip in the U.S. at this very moment, this was ...

One of the best parts of early summer in Italy are the sunflowers. They go on for miles. Note to self: next time, pull over and run through them. :) #sunflower

Costa Rica Diary: Final Reflections

Lindsey, Vicky, Tara, Cailin, Monique, Kat, Taylor, Amanda, Alysa, Fatima, Rachel, Dennis, Haley, and Rachel. These are the names of the people who I had the pleasure of spending 5 nights and 4 day…

The Exhibit You Need To Visit In DC Right Now

As pessoas estão obcecadas com esta foto de um monte de flores num caminhão

POIS AQUI ESTÁ! VEJA! NÃO É PERFEITA? | O Instagram foi à loucura com esta foto de um monte de flores num caminhão

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