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Zac Efron-don't judge me, he is adorable

i probably already have this on here, but it's so America, i'm posting it again.

You know how girls are in love with Johnny Depp no matter how old he gets? Well that's Gerard Butler for me..

Gerald Butler look at his eyes in this!...This man is

Norman Reedus I'll be so upset if they kill off Darryl when Walking Dead comes back on!!

If this guy showed up on my doorstep with a flower like that, I'd faint. I'd just fall over.

Tom Hardy - just saw Lawless. What a hard job he had. He had to lay in a bed and let a naked woman undress him and make-out with him. Things actors do for their craft. What a trooper.

My friends say my type is "blonde bad boys," you would never guess that from this photo..?!! Hahaha.