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  • Ciao Bella Hair Extensions

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  • Nibel Salvosa

    Big curls, I want!

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does anyone know how to do this hair? making me want to grow my hair long again

  • Donna Reed

    are you serious? Have you been hiding under a rock? Have you ever heard of a model who isn't made to feel badly about her "weight" and starve herself? you need to face facts. Girls (or guys) who look rail thin, it's not because of their metabolism's totally because it's demanded of them. Sorry my concern for human beings seems to bother people. You all can go back and admire her look.....I'll leave you to it

  • Donna Reed

    and if you read my comment, I never said she was sick; I said it makes me sick. Get your facts straight

  • Donna Reed

    do you own Pinterest? it's a public forum. I'll speak my mind here and if you don't like it, don't pay any attention to it. For crying out loud, you're worse than all those people who think everyone else should change....if you don't like a song do you call up the radio station and tell them to stop playing it? If you don't like it, don't keep responding to're just being ridiculous now....

  • Donna Reed

    I'm sorry you are sensitive to the truth, but here's the truth, is she pretty? sure...she's also anorexic and that's a fact sweetheart; not my opinion and until people like you stop appreciated it, it won't change. Girls will always feel compelled to starve themselves for the sake of "beauty". I work with girls just like her and I see their struggles every don't have any idea what you're talking about....she isn't beautiful because she's skinny; she's beautiful in spite of it..

  • Mandy Hazel

    Lol okay cool.

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so beautiful :')... 3 Tips For Growing Healthy Long Hair As Quickly As Possible | PinTutorials

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Sara Asmussen ahhh, ribbon and braid . . . and this girl looks like you from the nose down :)

Tips on how to grow long hair, make at home hair masques, products to use & more!

25 DIY Hairstyle Tutorials for Medium to Long Hair from #Hair #Style #Beauty

Find us on: & long hair wedding style hairstyle party

how to make your hair grow faster {easy as 1, 2, 3...}(my hair is already long but I need it longer)

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