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What Is The One Thing Your Soul Is Still Searching For?

Do you know what your heart truly wants?

Perseus Achilles Jackson I swear to all the gods that if you did this I will throw you on Hades doorstep covered in flowers with a note saying, "To my lord Hades from your Queen Persephone" covered in flowers. ~Jamie

Oliver & Barry in #LegendsofTomorrow #Season2 #2x08 - Crossover Part 3!

Everyday I’m shuffling.

No, but just imagine the genius being really into classical music, and they hit shuffle, so then when the two characters are transported, they see tall, snow-covered houses and people walking around in long dresses and suits. The one who didn't make the time machine looks around the German atmosphere, saying, "Uh... What song did you select?" and the other just whispers, their face pale and their eyes wide, "Für Elise."

also: I've never closed and thrown away my computer as fast as I did after this scene!! yeah he's a fuckboy but .....AAAAAAH (do you get me??) thank you for saying what we all thought William.. sorry...Willhelm