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Where & How To Build: The Dakota Fire Hole | (pictured: Dakota fire-hole air channel) "Starting about one-foot away from the edge of the fire pit, dig a 6-inch diameter air tunnel at an angle so that it intersects with the base of the fire pit."

from Knowledge Weighs Nothing

Excellent Easy To Make DIY Firestarters

D.I.Y Cotton swabs dipped in wax become instant campfire starters! Not long ago my friend KP gave me a baggie filled with cotton pads coated with wax that resembled wafers. KP makes and uses them for fire starter or tinder. I had to try them out and was v

Emergency Candle - sawdust/wood shavings, paraffin wax, 46 oz juice cans - supposed to provide heat for a 9'x12' room for 10 hours