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You had it, and so foolishly and carelessly let it go.

And in the end the 'dream' you chased was so unrealistic and vague it broke you, my sweetheart husband.

Read this, then read it again and again and again.......

Quotes About EX : QUOTATION – Image : As the quote says – Description Know your worth, do not tolerate disrespect. Lying, manipulating, cheating, half-truths… that is supreme disrespect. Life with a narcissist.

not going to be that girl anymore.

I loved this. It is a nice reminder that no matter what I deserve better. I wasn't the best girlfriend but he was a shitty boyfriend. He was so sick i don't even want to be associated with him ever again. I am not gonna be that girl anymore!


There is some girls with higher standards and some with less standards and every girls wall is built differently but every wall has something in common

Took my words.

most men today have no idea how to really be a man. they're just cowards with smartphones.

When everything goes silent in the night this is what runs through my mind.and it’s exactly what happened. My biggest fear came true.

Reinvent yourself. Everyday.

Re-invent yourself growth grow new life let go move on forward motion n d starting over start over barefoot blues phoenix strong woman women strength