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  • Haley Walker

    Matt Smith's new hair cut? whaaat?? this is going to take some getting used to :S

  • Kassie Kim

    Matt Smith's new haircut! I have a feeling that River's retelling of her last date with the Doctor just before the library has come true and their last day together is coming up real soon.

  • Elizabeth Greer

    mattandkazsmith: Matt shaved the sides of his head.

  • CJ Radenbaugh

    MATT CUT HIS HAIR. No. This is not okay. Because David Tennant and Tom Baker both cut their hair too, and right after they were done with Doctor Who. Also Matt has been talking about leaving the show, and the 50th anniversary is coming up. Do you think...?! D:<---- I like it the hair! Why couldn't the Doctor just get a hair cut??

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I've lost track of all the DT pics I pin so I may have already pinned this.

Matt Smith as the Doctor in the 50th Anniversary :) Look at his fabulous hair blowing in the wind.

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#GrahamNortonShow Matt Smirth, David Tennant.......and Matt - you know you're impressive when you freak out two Time Lords!

He's just... (sigh) Matt Smith, ladies and gentlemans. And in tie, by the way. Which means you see Matt Smiths, not The Doctor. :)

Thank you for justifying my book thing David and my slightly less (this doesn't cheapen it!) film and TV thing... and other thing things :D

David Tennant and Matt Smith on The Graham Norton Show David with his shakepeare hair and matt with his growing in how to catch a monster hair

I don't usually go for Tennant, but I am digging the beard. So David Tennant got a hold of one of my tenth doctor plushes... - Imgur

Intelligence... Talent.. Humour... These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect Doctor. But the regeneration accidentally added an extra ingredient. Sexy... THUS! The Tenth Doctor was born! Using his ultra super sexy, David Tennant has dedicated his life to fighting Daleks, angels, and other assorted evils!