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The streets today would be boring without all the street art, and that's a plain fact.

Lies our parents told us. Scary how we’ve all heard the same things. Is there a parent group for this?

Funny pictures about Shameful lies some parents tell their kids. Oh, and cool pics about Shameful lies some parents tell their kids. Also, Shameful lies some parents tell their kids.

It would be cool to see one of these in the daily commute

Funny pictures about Creative Truck Advertisements. Oh, and cool pics about Creative Truck Advertisements. Also, Creative Truck Advertisements photos.

I will never be that cool…

I will never be that cool…

I remember having a regular "crimper", but I wanted this soooo bad. My Momma on the other hand, wasn't too crazy about waking up extra early to "crimp" my hair before school. :D I don't blame her now!


Finnish artist Jonna Pohjalainen first got the awesome idea for turning long aspen logs into giant colour pencils during an environmental art workshop in Pedvale, Latvia. “ “She arrived there.

Between street art and irony, here are the latest creations of the street artist MOBSTR, based in London, who continues to spread on the walls his twisted and

Irony and Street Art – 19 new creations by MOBSTR

jedavu: “ In London, Clever And Witty Street Messages That Tease The Public by UK-based artist Mobstr ”

I'd work out every day!

oh man that would be the most intense game of mario!and id work out all the time! love beating people at mario kart


Some funny ads - Wall to Watch Love the architectural interest added by the geometric design of Mini Cooper ad amazing ads Advertising fu.