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Norman Reedus

The Walking Dead Starring: Norman Reedus Anf some other people lol true

If Andrea dies we party! lol I use to like her but now she annoys me. Carl is the first to be killed off though.

When Andrea dies we party, seriously when I see that episode imam invite my friends over and party

Watching the Dead, White,  Blue marathon.

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: When I say I am busy, what I really mean is that I'm staying home, bra-less, pants-less and watching The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead road trip: Your 13-stop tour of the show's best filming locations. I am absolutely doing this once I move back to Georgia!!!

'The Walking Dead' Road Trip: Your 13-Stop Tour of the Show's Best Filming Locations

The Walking Dead road trip: Your tour of the show's best filming locations. Time fir a road trip to Georgia!

This is me right here. We had to rewind one scene 4 times because we kept getting distracted by Daryl in the background.... (:

The Walking Dead Season 3 TV Spot Poster Photos. The Walking Dead: Season 3 TV spot TV show poster, TV show photos star Andrew Lincoln, Lauren Cohan, St

Introducing people to the Walking Dead. Ha!

Exactly my couple of ex's and current boyfriend had this facial expression the first time, then they got used to it when I'd sit right directly in front of the tv not moving for the next hour.

Oh my gosh.....when I saw this I lost it !!  It definitely made me smile !  Team Daryl .....fight the dead and fear the living .....I got time for that !lol

Oh my gosh, when I saw this I lost it, It definitely made me smile! Team Daryl, fight the dead and fear the living.


The Most Biting Walking Dead Memes - While I love this show, these are seriously hilarious & true!] Oh and let's not forget the baby!<<Ive never watched it but too hilarious not to pin

Super Zombie pics

Alarm Clock Note - If Daryl Dixon can pull an arrow out of himself and kill a walker with it, you sure as hell can get out of bed. Jerry needs this on his phone!

SOOOOO ME!! XD unless im waiting for the next season of TWD then im like "Uggh.. the walking dead isnt on til october :'(" #TWD4LIFE

Funny pictures about Sunday mornings. Oh, and cool pics about Sunday mornings. Also, Sunday mornings.