I WILL have a glittered toilet seat one day!! freakin awesome!

can't get any fancier than this! This will be my toilet one day LOL

Bling It

Glitter wallpaper...I probably shouldn't even know about this.

Alice in wonderland door knob. WANT.

A Glitter Staircase | 36 Things You Obviously Need In Your New Home

fireplace with seating

Concrete cloud shaped toilet paper holder! Amazing! #product_design

lazy river in a house.....yes please

this would make me smile every time i saw it lol

if it sparkles I want it

because everyone hates having to put the roll back on!

swarovski bling toilet! Will def need this in my future home lol

leopard print toilet seat!

glamour bathroom

fish tank toilete cool funny interesting amazing 200907301915395658 Weird toilete seats design

"Cuddle Couch" Home Theater Seating for Two" -love this!

love it.