Trespasuers will be hogg tied and told they have a purty like hell if you hear banjos :)

Please Neuter Your Pets

Funny Signs

cracks me up..

I've actually had this said to me with all the mess in my life

Throwing gang signs while walking your bunny. Thug life.

... or your giant truck! I usually cut people some slack if it is clear that they are not familiar with the area, however some of these drivers are clearly and aggressively just trying to cut in line. I wish they did have sarcastic road signs to address some of the road rage elitism -i.e. those who think other drivers need to clear a path for them -because they think they are special.

I'd slap you in the face but I don't want to get slut all over my hands... | Friendship Ecard |

Southern South, funny sign "Hillbilly Ten Commandments" - Redneck, Man Cave on Etsy, $28.00

Shouldn't find this funny but can't help it lmfao

This is it. I think I finally found what I've been searching for and I can leave Pintrest now.

Horrible redneck humor, couldn't help it tho lol

which is why I dont take mine with me there.

Did we really need the visual? I don't know, but made me laugh !

What a great and funny idea! (I'd put it higher though so none of my kids strangle themselves by accident)

YES! NEED THIS!!! @Courtney Wall Wood Signs - Funny Signs - If you are going to act like a turd go lay in the yard


So true!