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Bruce Banner is about to fall for Tony Stark's #1 Friend-Making Tactic. "Science Bros Tales 1: Intimidation Fail"

Stark and Banner ♥ oh my goodness! I didn't realize how short Mark Ruffalo is until I saw him next to RDJ

Pinning this because it's cute and also because Bruce's shirt has a flower on it :))

Doesn't get much more badass than this. Way to promote safety belts, you big, handsome superheros!

Tony and Bruce.

Science Bros and the... Clueless Bros?

The Science Bros are judging you. This needs to be on the cover of my bio book.

Avengers means Bros, and Bros means nobody gets left behind. Or butt-nekkid.

Science Bros Ask 3 by =ecokitty on deviantART. I love this just because putting a crustacean in Bruce's shorts is the first thing Tony thinks of and I can't say it's out of character. This man would be awesome and horrifying to hang out with.

Midgardian Etiquette. There is so much BRILLIANCE here, I can't even. My even-ability is shot.