Liz Lisa Summer Collection 2012

Liz Lisa

Gyaru, pink blose with lace/crochet details and pink skirt with floral patterns, japanese fashion

So I kind if really love the whole foreign child-like fashion scene. I think it's really cute

Japanese Fashion dress, floral pattern, lace bow in the back, and tulle


Japanese fashion inspiration II 03

Japanese style

Japanese kawaii braces skirt + shirt two-piece outfit

Liz Lisa summer 2012

cute white dress with lace, sweet looking, japanese fashion

japanese fashion | Tumblr

Lovin Japanese gyaru fashion . So Kawaii!

Love the outfit, but not so sure if I would wear this...I want the boots though lol

I'd love to have a skirt like this!

Japanese Fashion Gyaru

LODISPOTTO ( Japanese Fashion ) How kawaii! I wish my wardrobe was this cute ;.;

Kawaii Pastel Japanese Fashion

Japanese Fashion

Lovely trending swing skirt look, the top and the skirt are amazing. The outfit and the necklace stands out against the corset.