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    Women in Ancient Egypt The ancient Egyptian women had it much better than their counterparts in other ancient civilizations. Like that!

    Ancient Egyptian Temples

    Ancient Egypt and Nubia

    Section of the Ancient Egyptian Tomb Of Merneptah, of the Valley of Kings. Dates to about 1203 BC.

    Painting from the tomb of Rechmire,18th dynasty Ancient Egypt

    Oldest Known Life-size Statue Of Ancient Egypt -- 2513-2506 BCE -- 5th Dynasty, Reign of Userkaf -- Carved sycamore wood -- Discovered at Sakkara in the tomb of Ka-aper -- Egyptian Museum, Cairo

    Ahmose Nefertari

    The Black Pharaohs, Sudan (715 B.C.)

    5. Historical- Far left woman seen wearing a Egyptian sheath dress, hugged close to the body, 3000-300 b.c.

    Egypt: Child of Africa (Paperback) It's undeniable that ancient Egypt and it's culture was established by indigenous Africans. The book explored evidence supporting these facts. Another great and important read by Ivan Van Sertima.

    Ancient Egypt Clothing | The ancient egyptians clothing. | Evening and wedding dress salon

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    Gold Scissors, Egypt 1500 BC

    6. HIstorical- Various Egyptian headdresses, second to left is that of a Pschent crown of upper and lower Egypt, 3000-300 b.c.

    Abou Simbel by Barbara DALMAZZO-TEMPEL, via Flickr Temple of Hathor


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    Queen Nefertari Playing Senet, A wall painting in the tomb of Queen Nefertari, the wife of the 19th dynasty pharoah Ramses II, depicts the queen playing senet, an ancient board game similar to chess. Valley of the Queens, Egypt

    Tomb of Ramesses VI, Egypt.

    Wig from one of Tuthmoses minor wifes grave. Upper class people shaved their heads because of the heat. In public, they wore wigs. Under the wigs were cones of scent, which melted and made the wearer smell good instead of sweaty.