Women in Ancient Egypt The ancient Egyptian women had it much better than their counterparts in other ancient civilizations. Like that!

On both its inner and outer faces the stone enclosure wall around the pyramid of Senwosret I

Tomb of Nefertari Atum and Osiris.

Head of a Pharaoh, ca.2675-2130 BCE, Old Kingdom, Dynasty 5 or 6. Stone and copper, h: 73.0 cm. The headgear and moustache identify the figure as an Egyptian pharaoh; the tall crown with the rounded top, known as the White Crown, signified rule over southern Egypt. Broken at the neck, the head originally belonged to a full, probably standing, statue of the kind placed in tombs to serve as eternal images of the deceased



5. Historical- Far left woman seen wearing a Egyptian sheath dress, hugged close to the body, 3000-300 b.c.

Ancient Egypt

The Black Pharaohs, Sudan (715 B.C.)

Heka literally means activating the Ka, which is the aspect of the soul which embodies personality. Egyptian beliefs held that activating the power of the soul was how magick worked.

Queen Nefertari Playing Senet, A wall painting in the tomb of Queen Nefertari, the wife of the 19th dynasty pharoah Ramses II, depicts the queen playing senet, an ancient board game similar to chess. Valley of the Queens, Egypt

Egyptian wall painting – Sennefer seated with wife Tomb Of Vines – Thebes , Egypt

King's Inlaid Diadem Blue was the color of the royals

6. HIstorical- Various Egyptian headdresses, second to left is that of a Pschent crown of upper and lower Egypt, 3000-300 b.c.

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Section of the Ancient Egyptian Tomb Of Merneptah, of the Valley of Kings. Dates to about 1203 BC.

Harps were one of the most popular Ancient Egyptian instruments. They were developed from the hunting bow. Usually arc shaped and had 8-12 strings made from animal guts. http://www.reshafim.org.il/ad/egypt/timelines/topics/music.htm (website) Music and Musicians in Ancient Egypt by Lise Manniche (A documentation on Ancient Egypt's music and the study of the instruments played)

Detail of the frieze of the wells in the tomb of Pharaoh Horemheb, showing the gods Osiris, Anubis, and Horus.♥

Wig from one of Tuthmoses minor wifes grave. Upper class people shaved their heads because of the heat. In public, they wore wigs. Under the wigs were cones of scent, which melted and made the wearer smell good instead of sweaty.

Ancient Egypt