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He created us to love each other and rebuild each other. I miss my wife

Tina laughing: is something supposed to be in there? Newt flustered but grinning widely BC SHE SAID YES: Yeah, uh, hold on *turns to hunt down niffler then turns around and holds out his hand to her* "Like old times?" He would say witht that grin she loves so much. And she would laugh and tease him as she took his hand and they ran through town chasing a fantastical beast.

6 Vitamins EVERY Woman Should Consider Taking

6 Vitamins EVERY Woman Should Consider Taking. - Lou Lou Girls. Sometimes your diet, even if it's healthy leaves gaps in your nutritional profile! It's important to check with a doctor and see if there are some vitamins you are deficient in and also find out what you can be taking to improve your quality of life. That's exactly what I did a few years ago, and I have so much more energy, now that I know what vitamins I need to feel healthy and energized again! #Ad #LifeSupplemented

There are way too much pictures being whitewashed out there. I understand that light skin is a beauty standard in Korea but let's be honest they look sooooo much better with their real skin color >.< I could stare at this picture for hours bc he's so beautiful

I just want to say...I've felt this before. And sometimes I still do. But I'm not alone in that feeling and I want everyone to isn't true. You have so much value.

Lake Powell

Lake Powell, Utah This is the most unbelievably beautiful place in the world! At night, I've never seen so many stars. It shocked me how many are really out there! On a bike