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Thalia Grace <--- I feel like she would have really short choppy hair... Not a pixie cut with one side buzzed off

Thalia Grace best pic yet!

Got a request for more Thalia, so BAM! Thalia.

incredibru: Thalia! Wished she appeared more in Blood of Olympus though.

ok i know this weird but i think Thalia and Nico would make a cute couple think about it. the dark boy and the star girl

*scrolls through Tumblr* Look at all the people more talented than me...

Thalia Grace (THIS is how I pictured her hair, not the half-shaved, mohawk thing she's drawn with a lot)

Thalia grace. She's the daughter d Zeus who turned into the tree when she died tht keeps the Camp safe that gets poisoned. She died tryin to get like and annabeth to safety with Grover, the same satyr who found Percy Jackson and got his mother taken by the Minotaur. Don't you just love it how I remember everything???