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  • Cristina Who

    Greek Thalia Grace

  • Nic Cast

    Thalia Grace. The middle costume would be great for Athena. It really shows her fighting spirit and her battle strategy side. Percy Jackson. The Heroes of Olympus.

  • Hannah Lux

    Percy Jackson Challenge Day 5: Who is your favorite female character?- Thalia Grace

  • Olivia DePonte

    Ancient Thalia Grace. (All art belongs to Juliajm15)

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Thalia Grace <--- I feel like she would have really short choppy hair... Not a pixie cut with one side buzzed off

Thalia Grace best pic yet!

Got a request for more Thalia, so BAM! Thalia.

incredibru: Thalia! Wished she appeared more in Blood of Olympus though.

Happy Birthday Thals! its her bday today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok i know this weird but i think Thalia and Nico would make a cute couple think about it. the dark boy and the star girl

30 day Percy Jackson challenge. Day 2 favorite demigod- Thalia Grace

Thalia grace. My favorite picture of Thalia.

*scrolls through Tumblr* Look at all the people more talented than me...