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Nico di Angelo Percy Jackson Thalia Grace Octavian Annabeth Chase Jason Grace Frank Zhang Leo Valdez Hazel

Nico di Angelo: Slytherin, Leo Valdez: Slytherin, Hazel Levesque: Gryffindor, Frank Zhang: Hufflepuff, Reyna: Ravenclaw, Annabeth Chase: Ravenclaw, Percy Jackson: Gryffindor, Jason Grace: Gryffindor, Piper McLean: Slytherin

WICKED. COOL. The little three: boys- Jason Grace (Jupiter), Percy Jackson (Poseidon), and Nico di Angelo (Hades) . Now all we need is a daughter of Neptune, so we can have a set for the girls.

Ancient Style by on @deviantART

Lol not Jason Grace. Aww I can just imagine baby Jason chewing on a stapler then accidentally stapling his lip. He would cry and Thalia would come rushing in, really concerned. She would ask her mom to take them to the hospital. Their mom would be really distracted and say that he was fine...

Percy Jackson Thalia Grace Jason Grace Nico di Angelo=all of my favorite half-bloods! 8D Actually I love the Stolls and Leo, too.