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Japanese Cheesecake

Cotton soft Japanese cheesecake recipe. Japanese cheesecake is light, soft, pillowy and airy. Tried and tested recipe, a MUST-BAKE.

Instant Pot Chicken Congee (Rice Porridge or Jook) in Pressure Cooker

6 simple ingredients + 5 mins prep to make this Chicken Congee in the Pressure Cooker. Easy one pot meal that is frugal and comforting.

Hainanese Chicken Rice - Asian comfort food! I make mine with brown rice and serve with a ginger scallion sauce (ginger, green onions, Himalayan sea salt, grapeseed oil, dash of rice wine vinegar).

Mee Suah Soup

Mee Suah Soup (Wheat Vermicelli Soup) - a quick and easy comfort food that takes only minutes to prepare. Add or substitute with ground pork for a heartier flavor. | RotiNRice

Jian Dui (Deep Fried Glutinous Rice Balls/Sesame Seed Balls)

Make these popular dim sum favorite, Jian Dui or Sesame Seed Balls at home. These are gluten free with a little sweet potato mixed into the dough. | Food to gladden the heart at