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The Google Cultural Institute with 42 new online historical exhibitions. Features images, documents and artifacts of some of the most significant cultural events in the last 100 years. Stunning presentation.

Unknown Mathematician Proves Elusive Property of Prime Numbers | Wired Science | Sieve of Eratosthenes

Did you know about this? You can download this awesome interactive graphics program to help explain math concepts to students!

Puzzlomania » N@sz@ Szkoł@

Repozytorium Cyfrowe Filmoteki Narodowej

Historical Fiction--Jennifer LaGarde by Mary Clark on Prezi

Idealny serwis do przeprowadzenia "odwróconej lekcji", ale nie tylko.

Mapa Kultury - interaktywna mapa Polski, tworzona z wizytówek ciekawych Miejsc, interesujących opowieści i ludzi; zawiera informacje o ciekawostkach, historiach oraz zwyczajach danego miejsca.

Free games to make math fun-On Sumdog-tudents learn math by playing short games against classmates. Students work hard to earns coins to buy gear for their avatar. Games are not tied to specific topics, so students can practice a topic repeatedly without getting bored. (Teachers need to sign up.)

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Interaktywna gra decyzyjna.