(KO) A little grey kitten, sweet, soft, eyes full of love. Needs some cuddles. Maybe a bowl of warm milk and some tuna. Next a lap, soft and warm, to curl up in. This is where love and trust begin.

Kitty <3


pretty kitty


The Wink


In 3....2...1...


Funny bunny - Pixdaus. What a face!

<3 This Photo!~ Kenya

hey!!! <3

Polar Bears #photography #polarbears #cubs #mother #bears #winter #snow

Pretty bird.. Pretty bird

Alaskan Klee Kai (miniature Siberian husky) <3 <3

Sphynx kitten- for a long time I used to think this breed was quite scary looking, but I found out this is meant to be one of the friendliest breeds you can own! Plus, their skin is meant to feel just like velvet :3

saw this captioned with "wink, wink." ;)

cat ♥

Oh my! My cats need these!

i'm a cute cat