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    • Travis Herbert

      Salt Lake police seize 480 lbs of 'Spice' drug

    • Brenna Pyanowski

      Best Turkey Bacon health

    • Drug War

      Why is the federal government under President Obama arguably tougher on medical marijuana operations than it was under George W. Bush? That's the question that antidrug-war groups have been asking themselves for months. #drugwar #legalize #obama

    • @BetterChildNC

      "....Orange County Family Court Judge, in a 10 page written opinion, awarded the mother sole legal and sole physical custody. The court took nearly all of father's visitation away because it found the father had "severe and unresolved anger and hostility", that he projected onto their son and the young boy was "suffering under the emotional weight of that pressure." The court found father's allegations of abuse to be false. "We were not mother's first attorney on the case. "

    • Jeanne Egbosiuba Ukwendu

      South Africa has barred Vietnamese nationals who have applied to hunt rhinos in the country because it hasn't been assured that they won't illegally sell the animals' horns, which are worth more than their weight in gold.

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