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  • Irene

    The Crumpled Piece Paper-A lesson against #bullying #education #teaching

  • Maggie Harper

    anti bullying beginning of year - every teacher should do this!

  • Jordan Teachey

    The Crumpled Piece of Paper Antibullying Activity - Excellent first week activity!

  • Dream Love Grow

    A lesson a teacher did on the first day of school in conjunction with teaching classroom rules/expectations. She was afraid that my jr high kids would think it was stupid- but they liked it and actually had kids with tears in their eyes because of this lesson. Already seen a change in attitudes

  • Kim B

    Great Bullying lesson, however I have seen it done on a construction paper heart cut out. Once the hearts were "crumpled" the teacher refered to the "crumpled heart" when one student said or did something that "crumpled their heart". It brings instant feelings of remorse. Great lesson.

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