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  • Marissa

    For a confidence boost and to be happy with myself. #juliomedina #p90x #shakeology #fitness #motivation

  • Valarie Mace

    Regardless of your goal at the end...Whether you want to be fit or just have some quality time with you. Even if it is just a 20 minute run a day or a 3 hour gym session or yoga 3 days a week. There is no better 'happy' pill than working out.

  • susan angus

    Reasons to be fit - Click image to find more Health Fitness Pinterest pins

  • Cortney Wyatt

    post pregnancy weight loss success! Read how Jessica at did it. #bodyafterbaby

  • Morgan Aldridge

    # 1 Workout motivation

  • Brianna Reak

    Reasons to be fit: For a confidence boost and to be happy with myself

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Well if this doesn't #motivate both men and women to get off the couch then nothing will! #fit #dedication

Duh. Realize this more than ever after taking a sick break

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-healthier: reasonstobefit: submitted by anonymous Perfect for today! Happy 420. My neuroscience teacher has confirmed this.

Reasons to be Fit: Being healthy is the key. Not what size, or how skinny you are. Strength and health are more important.

Reasons to be fit!! Omg I want tht sooo bad and then I asked my grandma how to get than and she said "Do push up and sit ups" and I said "Wow!!! The two things I HATE!! Lol

Reasons to be's called accountability for your own health.

Reason To Be Fit #0095: because I want people to know I'm a stud I love being the girl in the weight room with all the guys...

Reasons to be Fit... Great website for motivation.

i love this blog (reasons to be fit). it features great reminders of what fitness is all about.

Reasons to be FIT: Don't give up!

#262 'cause being fit means I have more energy to get stuff done.